About Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a rather small but charming country situated in the very heart of Europe. Since medieval times it has been a crossroad of intellectual, artistic and culinary influences. Czech republic is bordered by Germany to the west, Austria to the south, Slovakia to the east and Poland to the north. The total area is 78,866 square kilometers and the country's population is around 10.5 million people. Hills and mountains cover about 95% of the country ideal for skiing, mountains biking and hill walking. the highest point of elevation is the peak of Mt.Snezka (1,602m above sea level).

About Prague

Prague, capital city of Czech Republic, is bisected by the Vltava River. Nicknamed " the City of Hundred Spires", with its historical beauty and atmosphere, Prague is a very Population tourist destination, It is also a good choice for a place To live, According to the Mercer Survey, Prague eanks 69th in the Quality of Living Worldwide index, Prague ranks 47th for personal safety in the 2011 index. Prague has a large international community. there are 178 177 Foreigners living in Prague (according to a survey from 2011), And there are 2763 foreign students at CTU, coming from102 countries.


The climate of the Czech Republic is mild but variable locally and throughout the year. Summer starts from May till September, remains warm with the average high of 20C. July & August are considered as the hottest months of the year when temperature often climbs to 30C. Autumn from late September till November, it sees more than32C of average high. Usually Winter, from December till February and the temperature fluctuate between 2C - 4C. Spring from March till early May, is the best season to visit Prague. Temperature compels winter snow to be melted.

About Brno

Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic by population and area, the largest Moravian city and the historical capital city of the Margraviate of Moravia.

About Pilsen

Pilsen is a city in western Bohemia in the Czech Republic. About 90 kilometers west of Prague, It is the fourth most popular city in the Czech Republic.

About Ostrava

Ostrava is acity in the north-east of the Czech Republic the capital of Maravian-Silesian Region. It is located just a few kilometers from the border with Poland, at the meeting point of four rivers.

Advantage To Study In Czech Republic

  • It is part of European Union (EU)- in Central Europe.
  • Prague is the capital city of Czech Republic.
  • The cost of living in Czech Republic are not as high as in Western Europe.
  • Visa will be Schengen Visa; Student will have to make First Entry to Czech Republic & then can travel to any other.
  • Schengen country for tourism purpose within EU.

Eligibility to study in Czech Republic:

  • Admission after High School & Graduation - Fully Government University.
  • Bachelor's/ Master's/ Ph.D Programs - E.C.T.S. Education System.
  • Admission with/ without IELTS - Huge Numbers of students.
  • After Study Gap will acceptable - Very big Campus.
  • Very low Tuition Fees - Erasmus Facility.
  • huge Scholarship - Low Fund to be shown for Visa.

Why to study in Czech Republic:

  • Highly Reputed Fully Government University.
  • Degree is highly Accepted in all Over World.
  • Tuition Fees is very low comparatively with other Private Universities.
  • Cost of living is very much Affordable Compare to Western Europe.
  • University is located in Capital City- Prague(4th Most Visited Place in EU).
  • Admission Without IELTS.
  • Due to Government University High Visa Success Ratio.
  • Easy to Travel on Single visa to All Member Countries.
  • After Education Work Permit and PR options.
  • After Study gap will acceptable.
  • Next year Scholarship.
  • ECTS System for Education.
  • Very big Campus.
  • Student can Travel any Partner university for 1 semester.
  • More than 120 Partner University around the World.

List of Programs - Thought in English:

  • Business Administration - Bio Medical engineering.
  • Economics & Management - Architecture Engineering.
  • Informatics(I.T) - Agriculture and Food.
  • Mechanical Engineering - Sustainable Use of Natural Resources.
  • Civil Engineering - Game Management.
  • Electrical Engineering - Forestry Sciences.
  • Nursing - Pharmacy.
  • Bio Medical - Food and Nutrition.

Famous Czechs :-

the Czech Republic has a long history of innovation and technology has always stood at the center of national attention. The tradition of innovation and top class research is still the driving forces at many Czech universities. Here are some internationally recognized Czech inventors who have significantly in fluency the world we live in today:-

  • Viktor Kaplan invented the Kaplan turbine, a revolutionary water turbine that was especially fitted to produce electricity from large streams with only a moderate incline.
  • Tomas Bata founded the Bata shoe company, one of the world's biggest multinational retailers, manufactures and distributors of footwear.
  • Jan Kaplicky was a world-renowned architect, best known for the futuristic Selfridge's Building in Birmingham, and the Media Centre at Lord's Cricket Ground in London.
  • Otto Wichterle was a Czech chemist, best known for his invention of modern soft contact lenses.
  • Jaroslav Heyrovsky was the inventor of the polarographic method, for which he received the Nobel Prize in1959.
  • Josef Ressel was granted numerous patents during his life. His best known invention was the ship's propeller.